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Religion & Culture | Church moves to save prostitutes and 'druggists'

Published:Sunday | October 22, 2017 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
Barrington Hall (right) and his wife Maureen.

Sex workers and drug addicts will be on the radar of the leaders at The Ekklesia Bible Fellowship in St Andrew, who have acquired property in St Mary, which will be used to create a safe place for persons in their groups.

Barrington Hall, senior pastor at the church, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary, told The Sunday Gleaner that it is his desire to impact the lives of hurting people in a real way.

"One Friday night, drive through Ripon Road (New Kingston) or 'Back Road' (St Catherine)," said Hall as he pointed to areas frequented by sex workers.

"They are calling out for help. As a church, we go there and we give out tracts and I walk away feeling bad because I am convinced that this is not enough. We need to offer them more," added Hall.

He argued that the Church has to find ways of bringing practical and tangible solutions to the social ills that affect Jamaicans, especially persons in the vulnerable groups.

"The Church offers no real alternative. We are good at condemning. We condemn people who commit abortion, we condemn the prostitutes and the drug users, but what is the alternative that we offer?

"The woman who is pregnant and doesn't see her way out, who might have been raped or the baby might have been the product of incest, the baby is coming to suffer and she herself is suffering, what is our solution?"




According to Hall: "The story of the feeding of five thousand, for example, do we think Jesus did it because He wanted another miracle to be recorded in the Bible, or was He trying to teach His disciples the importance of caring for one another? Even with the little, trust God to do something, but do something."

His wife, Maureen, who heads the Christian education at the church, told our news team that they will be focused on ensuring that the project becomes a reality in order to achieve its target of touching lives.

"One of our strategic goals is to have a ministry, where we'll be targeting the sex workers and the drug addicts. We have acquired land and we are now working and seeking funding to bring this to fruition. I truly believe that enough attention is not given to them," she said.